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House of Prowse

Welcome to House of Prowse* - a place for sharing the history and stories of the Prowse family.  

England, and most specifically, Devon is most closely associated with the Noble surname Prowse but in truth the name is of Anglo-Norman origin and came to England with the Norman conquest of William.  

We're fortunate: because of the fact that Prowse is a Noble name, Heraldry makes it far more traceable than most other surnames.  

From Devon the line spread widely.  First within England with Cornwall being an easy and common location but Somerset, Wiltshire, and eventually London saw Prowse migration.  Eventually the Prowses spread to the Colonies, with the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all having lines.  

There is a Facebook Group by the same name where some of the same information is shared but Facebook does not share documentation well, so the aim of this site is to provide a complete survey of the Prowse tree through writing and media.   

*for the sake of expediency the spelling Prowse is used on this site to represent all of the various spellings of the name, unless specific person(s) with an alternate spelling are being referred to.  

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