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Historic Canadian Prowses

Since heading down the rabbit-hole that is Prowse family history, I've come across several examples of Prowses from Canadian history.

One such person was Samuel Prowse (1835-1902), a businessman and politician from Prince Edward Island. Samuel's father, William, emigrated from Devonshire in 1823. The history and details of his rather substantial home in Murray Harbour, PEI are listed on the Canadian Register of Historic places. Click Here to go to the website.

Samuel's grandson's house, known as Fred's House is nearby. Click Here to go to the website.

Another listing of a historic Prowse residence is for Prowse House in Kelowna, British Columbia. Home of Charles C. Prowse, who moved west from Montreal to found one of the first commercial orchard operations in the Okanagan valley. Click Here to go to the website.

According to Wikipedia, other notable Canadian Prowses include:

  • Albert Prowse (Samuel's son) (1858-1925), Businessman and politician.

  • Benjamin Charles Prowse (1862-1930). Politician.

  • Daniel Woodley Prowse (1834-1914), Newfoundland, lawyer, politician, judge, and historian.

  • James Harper Prowse (1913-1976), Politician, barrister and solicitor.

  • Lemuel Prowse (1858-1925), Politician.

  • Robert Henry Prowse (1828-1924), Politician.

  • Thomas William Lemuel Prowse (1888-1973), Businessman and Lieutenant Governor or Prince Edward Island.

Wikipedia actually lists notable Prowses from all over. Interestingly, none of them appear in the family tree I've built to date but perhaps Malcolm or others know of connections?

Ian Mattey

March 2021

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